Custom Portraits

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Ever wondered how would you look like if you were a cartoon? Searching for that special gift for someone? Send our talented artists a photo and make your wildest dreams a reality in a one-of-a-kind portrait!


Capture that iconic expression of your pet, their favourite pose, or transform them into a superhero character! A lasting memory that will surely make you, friends, and family feel warm and go 'aww' every time.


Transport yourself to your favourite place, a fantasy land, or anywhere you could imagine. Inspire our artists with a story or the photo of a place and wait to see the magic. A painting that will surely become a conversation topic.

Who We Are. What We Do

We are a collective of artists who have a passion for transforming still photos onto paintings.

We work based on photographs and stories to deliver to you an unforgettable portrait.


How does it work ?

1. Send us an email with your request and photo. 
2. Get a quote and timeframe.
3. Review and receive your portrait!

We have a roster of extremely passionate and talented artists who will deliver an outstanding portrait we know you’ll love.


How long does it take ?

Once we receive your email you will receive a quote and painting proposal within one working day. The proposal will include details of the portrait’s timeframe for completion, including the review process. The completion time depends on the amount of detail, subjects, style, and other specifics.


What Media will the portrait be?

Our standard portrait is created in digital media as it allows the most flexibility for reviews and diminishes delivery costs. Nonetheless, you can commission any type: watercolours, ink, oil, pencil, etc. 


Yes, we have a review process to ensure there is great communication and you are happy with the portrait each step of the way. You’ll have a chance to see the draft idea where you can modify the concept, then a mid way review, to validate the development, and a final review for last touches.

DO I have to pay upfront ?

Yes, after receiving a quote you’ll be charged for the full amount when commissioning the portrait. Fees start at £60. For physical products or large paintings (specially oil) where costs can increase significantly we do offer instalment plans.

What if i am not happy with the results

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We have a thorough review process that follows each step of the creation for the art you are commissioning to address any concerns prior to the completion of the project. This usually means that from concept to details you have control and are able to change the direction of the portrait. In the rare case there is a big issue and you would like a refund please get in touch and we will do our best to assess the situation. 

For any inquiries please email